RVing on a Budget

The urge may strike you to hit the open road on a moment’s notice. This is well and good if you have the pockets to back up your adventure. But what if you’re on a budget?

Luckily there are some ways to save a few bucks and still enjoy a weekend away. Denver Used Trailers has some tips on saving some money!

Join an RV Discount Club

Like any most goods and services, discount clubs exist in the RV industry! These clubs usually require only a small annual fee to provide plenty of discounts throughout your entire journey.

A good example is the Good Sam RV Club. Members can save on everything from fuel and camping supplies to discounts at over two thousand participating RV parks. If you take more than a few trips a year a discount membership is well worth it.

Load Up on Supplies (Beforehand)

You never know where you’re going to be able to get stock up on some supplies if you’re in a foreign area. Often times RV park general stores and even grocery stores close to an RV park tend to have inflated prices. That’s why Denver Used Trailers recommends getting your groceries beforehand at your local grocery store.

Of course cooking your own meals will be less expensive than eating out so make a menu beforehand and cooks all of your own meals at the site. Not only will this save you a lot of money but gives you more time to spend by the campfire and not running back and forth to the store!

Consider Going Without

You can save a pretty penny if you choose to live without some of your creature comforts. This can include using less water or turning the power off during the night. This will only save you money in parks that bill you for consumption. If you know you’re going to use a fair deal of power it is best to choose a site with a flat utility fee.

If you really want to save money then go for boondocking. Boondocking, or dry camping is not using any utility hook ups. Boondock and take advantage of park facilities to save some money!


Why RVing?

More people than ever are choosing to purchase an RV or travel trailer and live in the RV lifestyle. But what’s so great about RVs, can’t I just go on a regular vacation? Denver Used Trailers wants to take a look at the benefits of RVing and why it has become more popular.

Why People are Choosing RVing

Freedom and Flexibility

RVs offer a no strings attached way to see the country. You don’t have to worry about waiting in lines and the other headaches that come with air travel. There are no advanced reservations and 11 AM get out of your room times or schedules you have to follow. You make your own schedule and your own adventure.

Plus there no long periods of time where everyone is crammed into a normal car or airplane.


Even after all the costs of purchasing an RV, maintenance and fuel costs an RV trip can still cost almost half of what a vacation with air travel and hotel reservations can cost. There are also certain tax breaks that come with RV travel.

Bring the Family Together

According to the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association, a majority of RVing families polled felt that vacationing in an RV or travel trailer helped improve family cohesion and communication. RVing families tend to have closer families and bonds.


You don’t have to use RVs just for national parks! the RV provides a great solution if you feel the need to pack up and head to a football game, concert or other events!


Since trailers and RVs can be quite roomy you can take many of the pleasures and creature comforts of home with you. You can sleep in your bed and use your kitchen though you may be thousands of miles away from your home. You can even bring along your personal canoe, motorcycle or any other toy!

More Fun at Once

If you’ve ever tried to book a vacation with several different areas to visit you can know the headache of planning and booking all the individual sites. With an RV you just have to unhook your lines and hop back on the road!


These are only some of the unique benefits recreational vehicle travel has to offer!


What to Look for in a Horse Trailer

It seems pretty straight forward, you need a horse trailer to haul a horse. Those in the world of horses and transporting them know that it is much more complicated than that. What are the things to look for in a horse trailer? Are there certain amenities you need? Denver Used Trailers will take a look at horse trailers and the different available options.

A horse trailer can be defined simply as a trailer engineered specifically for the transport of horses and horse equipment. Here are some things to consider when purchasing horse trailers.

Climate Control

Should the trailer be climate controlled? This is a big option to weigh when considering a horse trailer. You need to think about the distances you plan on travelling and the typical weather conditions that might be face the horses during transport.

Climate controlled trailers are of course more expensive than normal horse trailers but you get peace of mind knowing your horses are as comfortable as they can be.

Living Quarters

If you are on the road quite often it doesn’t make too much sense to haul both the trailer and stay in another RV. There are horse trailers that have built in living quarters to bring it all together. Like any other motorhome or travel trailer these living quarters vary widely, they can be simple rustic living areas all the way up to luxurious motorcades.

It is simply up to you to match what you want or need with your budget and contact a trailer salesperson from there.

Think About What Else you Need

There are many other features and amenities to consider during your purchase.

Do you need Tack Storage? Tack storage refers to a compartment or storage area where you can keep equipment and other items such as ropes and saddles.

Do you need Dressing Rooms? Will you be in any kind of competition or event where it may be necessary to change clothes or equipment.

Keep it Simple

If you are doing something as simple as hauling your horses a few miles down to a local track don’t over think things! There are simple stock trailers that do the job you need done without all the bells and whistles.

Aluminum vs. Fiberglass Travel Trailers

When it comes to travel trailers, you typically have two choices, aluminum siding or fiberglass – so which is better?

Fiberglass is one of the most popular materials used for travel trailers and RVs. Fiberglass is also at times used to make bumper pull trailers for motorcycles and valuable cars. Some of the benefits to fiberglass is that it tends to hold heat well, it’s lightweight and aero dynamic for better fuel mileage whereas aluminum siding typically doesn’t hold height well in colder months.

Aluminum trailers like fiberglass actually weight less and often carry additional storage room within the interior as well as exterior.

For me, if I was purchasing a enclosed trailer, I’d choose a fiberglass trailer though aluminum are equally good.

To learn more, or to find the perfect travel trailer check out the latest trailers for sale online!

Does Trailer Brokering Really Work?

The truth is, trailer brokering is a fantastic tool for consumers searching for the right trailers for sale. The truth is, you can never have the right trailer… well, that’s until trailer brokering came along.

The Trailer-Brokers was formed right here in Denver, Colorado and they launched their very first local trailer guide, Colorado Springs Trailers, which happened to be a explosive success. Since the launch of Colorado Springs Trailers, additional guides in town have been launched like Fort Collins Trailers which is designed to help local consumers find the perfect trailer at the right price – and that’s their guarantee!

In addition, the Trailer-Brokers have launched a local guide to communities like Colorado Springs in which you can find local dealers, read reviews rate and more like consumers have for Parker Trailers!

Discover why more Colorado buyers are switching to the Trailer-Brokers for all of their trailer needs! Check them out online at trailer-brokers.com.

Trailers for Sale

If you’re searching online for trailers for sale then there’s no doubt your head is spinning with the amount of dealers available so – who do you choose?

If you’re in Denver then there starting right here at Denver Used Trailers.com is a great start and if not, we’ve linked to a national trailer dealer who provides shipping and fantastic value on both new and used trailers.

There are many benefits to purchasing a used trailer, there are also a lot of benefits to finding a new trailer. Regardless of your needs we invite you to contact us for any of your needs and we’ll be sure to exceed your needs and expectations every time!

Hot Shot Trucking Trailers for Sale

There’s a reason that hot shot trucking companies from around the Western United States come to Denver Used Trailers.com – because we’ve got the inventory and partners available for outstanding deals on trailers designed to make hot shot truckers money!

As a friendly gesture we thought we’d share this fantastic independent hot shot trucking shot film titled: Shipping Wars of Hot Shot Truckers! Cool stuff.

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